NexGenOS® is a low-level layer that isolates all CPU, OS and compiler dependencies. Moreover, it features a device driver manager, a LibC and a shell to which some test functions can be attached.

NexGenOS® is the key to our architecture and has been intensively tested on the following Processors/RTOS/Compilers.

Processors RTOS Compilers
ARC core based: Fujitsu MB86676 ThreadX Metaware
X86 core based: 186/386/P5 RTKernel Microsoft Visual
ARM core based: Atmel AT91 series uCOSII GCC
ARM core based: Samsung KS32C50100 RTXC IAR
ARM core based: Intel StrongARM SA1110 LINUX Diab Data
ARM core based: Cirrus Logic CS89712 OSE Microtec
ARM core based: NXP LPC2468 QNX Green-Hills
Infineon C167 EmBOS Keil
Hitachi H8/S2633 RTC ARM Sdt/ADS
MIPS core based: Toshiba TMPR3916F (TX39) Neutrino -
ADI BlackFin: BF537 Nucleus -
Mitsubishi M16C62 - M16C80 WIN32 -
Motorola CPU32: MC68331/MC68EZ328 VxWorks -
Motorola COLDFIRE: MCF5206E/MCF5272 VRTXsa -
Motorola PowerPC MPC860/8xx pSOS -
IBM PowerPC 405GP DSPbios -
STMicroelectronics ST20/ST40 OS20/21/Plus -
Hitachi SH-3/SH-4 DOS/Polling mode -
Renesas SH7618/7619 ARINC653 -
Texas Instruments TMS320C5416/5510 DSP OpenAT -

The following evaluation boards are supported:

Evaluation Boards Processor
NXP LPC2468 Development Kit
X86 Standard PC Platforms / AMD Net186
ARC Fujitsu Keystream Development Module
ARM Atmel AT91EB01/AT91EB40/AT91EB55
ARM ARM Evaluator7T
ARM Cirrus Logic CDB89712
ARM Intel StrongARM SA1110
C166 Keil Software MCB167-NET
C166 Phytec C167-HSE
H8S Hitachi EVB2633F
MIPS Toshiba Capricorn-2
M16C Mitsubishi 3-Diamonds
M16C Segger LCD-Demo Color
68K/CPU32/Coldfir µCsimm 68EZ328 / Netburner MOD5272/CFV2-40
PPC Motorola MBX860
ST20/ST40 Various boards: 55xx/ST220/71xx
SUPERH Hitachi EBX7709/PFM-DS11(R2)/MS7618CP01
DSP TMS320C5xxx TMS320C5416/5510 DSP Starter Kit(s)

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